Country Roads - Part 5

| Monday, August 29, 2016

Grain elevators in America continue to grow larger while quaint and seemingly small elevator / feed mill combinations which often times served as the hub of rural communities fall into a state of disrepair or vanish all together.

This one, found in Gaylord, MN, appears to fit into the "state of disrepair" category. Its location alongside a rail line is beneficial but its location offers no room for expansion and with today's steel grain bins which are often times the height of small skyscrapers, an elevator such as this one has no place in modern agriculture.

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Country Roads - Part 4


The beauty of America's rural areas is often times hidden in plain sight. When I was growing up on the family farm in the southern part of Minnesota, I never thought twice about the barbed wire fences which marked the property lines between our farm and those of our neighbors. Through the lens of a camera, though, the detail is striking. To think that the majority of this barbed wire was made over a century ago is particularly impressive. In the name of progress and with ever-expanding farms, many of these decades old barbed wire fences are being removed. This one, which was alongside a small rural cemetery, was completely in tact and in pristine shape. Its posts weren't bent and the wire was straight and proud, nearly untouched by the many feet tall weeds which sometimes strangle rural fences.

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2016 Minnesota State Fair Bingo Cards

| Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Late August in Minnesota can only mean one thing – the Minnesota State Fair and Minnesota State Fair Bingo! Ah, the fried food, the people watching and more fried food. The traditional wrap-up of summer is a melancholy time, for sure, but not all is lost.

Make the most of your annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair and have some extra fun with the Official Unofficial 2016 Minnesota State Fair Bingo Cards. Four totally unique, new, hand-crafted** bingo cards full of celebrities*, oddities and bizarre scenes to spot. It's definitely more fun than you'll have chasing Pokemon characters...

Go ahead and print a few copies, share them with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and enemies too because everyone deserves to have a great time at the Minnesota State Fair.

Country Roads - Part Three

| Friday, July 22, 2016

During my journey across the lesser-traveled roads in what I believe was northern Nicollet County, I came across a quaint one room country schoolhouse. Where a gravel road came to an end and I was forced to once again return to a paved highway, i was drawn to this pristine structure which had been relocated sometime in the 1960s. It served for a time as a township hall before falling into the hands of a group of volunteers who still maintain it as a piece of history in rural Minnesota.

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Country Roads - Part Two

| Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Peaceful. That is the first word that comes to mind in describing rural scenery – no matter how apparently mundane it is. A simple dead end road may seem boring to some. The question that I have regarding a scene such as this one I found somewhere in Nicollet County was "What was once down this now nearly abandoned road?" Was there a family who lived down this narrow gravel road generations ago? Did this road see regular wagon traffic? Did it see regular automobile traffic? If there was once a home and a family who lived down this road, when and why did they move? What happened to this hypothetical family?

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