Just before I was arrested

| Thursday, September 4, 2008

from flickr user Tony Webster
What follows is the account given by flickr user Tony Webster about the events that led to this photo outside of Minneapolis' Target Center after Wednesday night's Rage Against The Machine concert during night three of the RNC across town in St. Paul, MN.

This is the last photo I took on Wednesday night. Quickly after this, police surrounded the area and told everyone to get down on the ground put our hands on our heads, announcing that everyone was under arrest. As a photojournalist, I had nothing to do with the protests and I did not attend the Rage Against the Machine concert. Minneapolis Chief of Police Tim Dolan purposely ignored me after I told him I was an independent and contract photojournalist, and one of his officers flicked me off. Other officers made lewd comments, joked about arrests, and I was handcuffed, my camera slammed against the ground and the lens broken, and then I was paraded in front of media like some sort of trophy.

Read my full thoughts about the arrest, and how I think this was a case of Chief Dolan and the Minneapolis Police Department targeting me as a photojournalist on the Minneapolis Issues list.

See more photos from the events after last night's Rage Against The Machine concert in Tony Webster's photo stream.


kyklops said...

Wow. The stark contrast between these images and "All you can drink milk" (etc.) is a bit mind-numbing.

Sornie said...

Hard to believe that this is the same city changing so drastically over the course of a couple days.