Lonely summer

| Wednesday, December 3, 2008

from flickr user jddroske
THe photographer says: This thing is located down the street from our cabin at a resort. If you get to look at it close up it is completely rusted and painfully unsafe for anyone to go down. On our way back from 'shooting the minnow' at the bar i saw this shot so i stopped and grabbed my tripod out of the back and my camera and took a bunch of shots. i liked this one the best out of the bunch due to the smoothness of the water and the contrast of colors.

This is a well composed photo that is beautifully lit and is a great example of capturing a silhouette. The location was tagged as Osakis, MN.


Bill Roehl said...

This is going up as my wallpaper right now. Thanks for tracking this one down sornie!

Sornie said...

Hey, thank YOU for liking these treasures that people share!

Mary said...

Mmm. I love it too.

justacoolcat said...