Fullest Moon of 2009

| Monday, January 12, 2009

from flickr user mplsphoto
A moon so big it almost looks like it wants to crush the bridge. That's because it's the biggest moon of 2009 and it's wonderfully photographed over St. Paul, Minnesota last evening and full of stunning dark blues, oranges and reds.


Sara said...

Wow that is such an amazing picture!When I am in St. Paul I get a little panicked, becasue its such a big and busy city. This pictures makes it look so calm and beautiful!

music.maid said...

I attempted to critique this picture on flickr and was responded to with a message that I was somehow tearing down this photo and acting rude. Then without any chance to respond was blocked. Hoping this venue can act as a more open forum.
This photo is photoshopped and this photographer has responded to many comments on flickr about it's authenticity and allowed folks to go on and on thinking it was captured this way. I am sick of amateur photographers who learn how to use photoshop getting all the credit. NOW I am being rude- my apologies but I am a little fed up.
If it's done in Photoshop that's great, but please stop trying to pass it off as some once in a lifetime shot.