7-Up silo

| Wednesday, March 11, 2009

from flickr user angelrove
This roadside attraction (of sorts) has caught my eye for many years. It sits alongside US Highway 169 north of St. Peter, MN on the west side of the highway. I've always meant to photograph it myself and am curious about its history as the 7-Up Spot was an 80s-90s thing. Was this done by a rabid 7-Up fan or a cool piece of roadside marketing?


Anonymous said...

It was actually an ad paid for by 7 up, there is a law against advertising on the 169 senic hwy stretch there so they got around it by putting a pop machine in the silo and calling it a 'business'. Now Cambria painted it over and is trying to, after the fact, get it ok'd too, however it is probably going to get fined and have to remove it, the farmer was paid something like 7000/yr and had a new roof put on his barn