It's DeRusha Day

| Thursday, July 30, 2009

from flickr user
I usually keep things classy here and, for the most part, WCCO reporter/Good Question guy fits the definition of classy. The reason I decided on this photo was because of Jason DeRusha's Good Question tonight on WCCO channel 4. How does one get a "day" named in their honor? The sarcastic responses have been bouncing back and forth today on Twitter but with DeRusha knowingly posing for a photo while wearing Zubaz his chances for today (or any day) being DeRusha Day anywhere outside of the local blogosphere are seriously diminished. There. I hope I got his attention. Jason DeRusha.


Jason DeRusha said...

You got my attention! Hopefully one of my nice photos will make the cut here! In fairness, the zubaz picture is almost 2 years old... From a story I did on the resurgence of Zubaz. I regret the photo. :-)

it's been a funny day. I'll let you know if I get a day!