Shocking Lack of Undead at Zombie Den

| Tuesday, August 25, 2009

from flickr user Bjorn1101
Aside from screen-printed blood-spatters on the bouncer's kitchen shirts, Donny Dirk's Zombie Den didn't have much zombie action. People were relatively calm, well-behaved, and uninfected. The only thing that harkens back to this place's legacy as Stand-up Frank's is the sign above the bar: "Undead Frank Lives Here." At this themed bar assembled by the proprietor of Saint Sabrina's and Psyhco Suzi's Motor Lounge, you pay for the ambience—in higher drink prices, and, at least for us, waiting outside in line for a spell. The beer list is pretty solid, and the handful of powerful specialty drinks includes one labeled on the menu as "not recommended." The limited capacity means there is room for everyone to sit, plus or minus a few. There isn't much for food except for delivery from the kitchen at Psycho Suzi's, which can take a while.