Old Man Winter

| Thursday, December 10, 2009

from flickr user plesserchick
The photographer says:
The cold weather has arrived. I woke up this morning and the paper said the high today would be 13 degrees and the low would be 12. And I looked outside at the thermometer, and it was 3 degrees. I wanted to take a photo that captured how freaking cold it is, so I stopped by Lake Harriett (in Minneapolis) on my way into work. Oh. My. God. It was freezing with the wind coming off that water. The steam you see is the heat leaving the lake, which means not too much longer until it's iced over.

Also, for all of my out-of-town readers, rumor has it there was high surf up on Lake Superior today, so the surfers were out. That's 2.5 hours north of here. Those people are insane.