the ordinary morning

| Monday, May 17, 2010

from flickr user karrah.kobus
The photographer says: this is a self portrait i did for an assignment back in.. february?? i think. but since i didnt have a flickr account back then i never shared it. also the quality isnt the best on this.. its just the only version i have access to right now!

She also goes on to divulge ten facts about herself:

1) im addicted to caffiene and i drink coffee or soda every day. that is where the idea for this picture came. ;) i wanted to actually use coffee but i was worried i would stain the couch.

2) i want to be an archaeologist. i hope someday to be digging up fossils in old riverbeds. oooh or even better, in caves! it would be cool to find some australopithecines or some h. species but really i would love to find something that hasnt been discovered yet. ;)

3) i had back surgery when i was 17, because i was born with scoliosis and a rare lower spine deformity. i dont really mind most of the time, because now i always have perfect posture. i used to be a dancer though, for 15 years. my most prized possession is my dancer of the year trophy, and now dancing is something i cant do, or at least not in the same way. it also starts to bother me when i take photos, and only can wish of posing with an arched back.

4) my grandpa has won the lottery twice. yes, like, one of the big lotteries - the gopher 5, which is minnesotas state lottery. ever since he was a little boy he has played scratch offs, and he used to tell his parents that he would win the lottery three times in his life. i think he might have been on to something. and if anyone deserves to win the lottery, it is him.

5) i am counting down the days until i get to watch the final season of lost. im not a big tv fan, but i am so so addicted to lost (and dexter, who i shall marry). i dont have my own tv and i also had a anthropology lab on tuesday nights this past semester.. i also dont have my own computer anymore. so i am waiting until the season is over and then my boyfriend and i will spend an entire day being lost-ees.

6) i elaborate on everything way too much. look at how long this is already...

7) i always get asked "where i buy my eyelashes..." woo that one was short!

8) i have three younger siblings, and i dont know what i would do without them. they are the best, even when they hate me. my youngest brother just turned four and quite honestly he is my favorite. i brush his teeth every night i am home. and nothing makes me happier than his little smile!

9) im a little monster (aka gaga fan). normally i am not interested in pop-like music, but about two years ago on a roadtrip to see my best friend at college, another friend i was with popped in her cd and ive been hooked ever since.

10) i make a lot of weird noises. my boyfriend says "squeaks, gurgles, and tiny growles..." you would probably have to meet me to understand. ;)