MinnPics is almost two years old...

| Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If you've followed MinnPics for any part of its nearly two year history, you'll know that I scour around 100 Flickr pools daily as well as the MinnPics pool on Flickr. I'd love to have every photo come from the MinnPics pool but I also love variety. A milestone, though, was achieved today as the MinnPics Flickr pool welcomed its 100th member. Apparently there are at least 100 photo enthusiasts who like having their work exposed to a wider but still niche audience.

On July 8th, the MinnPics blog turns a whopping two years old. If it were human it would still be crapping itself but babbling wildly. As a goal, I'd like to see another 100 members join the MinnPics Flickr pool to add to the variety and volume of photos I know people want to have showcased. So tell a friend, drop a note on Twitter or if you're already a Flickr member join the MinnPics pool and add some photos to it. In the end you'll be making MinnPics a better blog!