Lansing Corners

| Wednesday, July 14, 2010

from flickr user Ruin Raider
The photographer says: Lansing Corners Fine Foods, near Lansing, MN. north of Austin. Empty and for sale for about 2 year's or so. If anyone has more info please post, this place is just really neat. I have been going past this for about 5 year's and alway's wanted to stop in but, a city boy would have been lost.

Having grown up in Austin, I'll bite. It truly was a one-of-a-kind restaurant. It' was what I consider to be a true supper club and on weekends it was usually packed despite the fact that it sits about 7 miles outside of any part of the populated city. Apparently it needed extensive renovations (both kitchen and dining areas) and rather than make a sizeable investment, it sank in to foreclosure and eventually an auction in which the minimum asking price wasn't met. So here it sits many years later likely to meet the wrecking ball as people spend their dining dollars at the Perkins and Applebees of the world.