Double parked?

| Thursday, October 14, 2010

from flickr user boscbo
This photo showcases a rather stupid driver. At what point did the van's driver realize that she was going to crash not in to but on top of two parked cars?

The photographer says: Epic fail in the parking lot where I work. The black car it landed on had only one car payment left before being completely paid off. The lady driving the van was hauled away in handcuffs (so we've heard).

So far the rumors are:

a) Texting while driving
b) Sexting while driving
c) Black out
d) Diabetes
e) Woman drivers, no survivors
f) Drunk driving (at 9:45 in the morning)


Bill Roehl said...

There's no question. They were drunk:

On Friday, March 19th, a drunk driver decided to take the short cut into the Blue Cross Blue Shield parking lot in Eagan, MN. The drunken minivan, as pictured on the left, drove over the 8 foot retaining wall before landing on two parked cars. The driver, who is reportedly an employee of Blue Cross Blue Shield, had a blood alcohol content level greater than .20 following the incident.

The crash occurred at just around 11am. In order to pull off this stunt, the drunken employee went off course down a 50 yard hill before launching over the retaining wall and destroying the beautiful Saturn vehicle. One would have to imagine the Saturn owner was quite relieved.