I Have Misplaced My Gravity

| Friday, October 29, 2010

from flickr user Joshua Uhl
The photographer says: I walked in to the kitchen and was pulling out the chair to sit and my gravity seamed to leave me. I must have misplaced it...

Today is a long day, I have a big exam tomorrow and my studding will go late into the night. However I took some time today to experiment with a different way of photographing. I used my strobes to light different areas with multiple shots. this particular image is a composite of 5 different images. I had enjoyed this kinda of work, although it was rather time consuming i am pretty happy with how it all turned out. My composite work is not perfect but good enough for me. (must study) I was really able to achieve a surreal look with this and that was my goal.

Click on the photo to see the lighting setup the photographer used.