Cold Tracks

| Wednesday, November 24, 2010

from flickr user jbdenham
The photographer says: One of the beauties of The Twin Cities is how easy and quick it is to go from the concrete jungle to rural Minnesota. Some people think this is a bit of pain in that there isn't another big city within 4 hours of town, but I believe that's a blessing, mainly because rural Minnesota looks very much like rural Tennessee, which I call home. Winter time being a major exception to this rule.

Being from a rural area, settings like the one in today's image are very much appreciated behind my eyes, with the old depot and mill sitting right next to the train tracks that run right through the back side of town. This particular town, Lake Elmo, MN, is only 15 minutes from downtown St. Paul, but is small enough not to warrant a traffic light.

There's an electrical company just to the left of the frame and many of the guys were loading up the trucks for the day's work while I was setting up to take this and a few other shots. I can only imagine their thoughts of the silly man out by the tracks taking pictures with it being 10 degrees F outside, but I must tell you, there's a certain warmth to taking pictures in the cold weather. Don't get me wrong, it's still cold, but I really don't notice it until I pack up and head back to the car. The wonders of photography.