Best photos of 2010: Lady Gaga (and my year-end thank you)

| Thursday, December 30, 2010

from flickr user IvanClow
The smoke (or steam or fog) surrounding Lady Gaga as she lays on the stage at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul this September makes for one of the best amateur-photographed concert scenes I have seen in my years of helming this blog. I could go on for hours posting awe-inducing photos from the past year in Minnesota that seemed to have been missed by my watchful eye but honestly, at this hour, people's thoughts have turned to stocking up on party supplies for tomorrow evening's New Year's Eve celebrations.

To wrap up 2010 in a nice, tidy package I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every visitor who has stopped by to view the photos I unearth here daily. I'd also like to thank the folks at WCCO-TV (especially Jason DeRusha) for mentioning this as one of the top ten blogs in Minnesota as well as the folks at MinnPost, Bob Ingrassia and's Big Picture because without the inspiration of photo blogs like Big Picture (and others around Minnesota) I never would have had the continued drive in the early days here to keep things going.

My biggest thank you, though, goes out to the hundreds, maybe thousands, of photographers whose photos I sift through to showcase here. From beautiful and artistic to flat-out fun, the photos taken and uploaded to the nearly 100 Flickr groups I peruse daily and the non-grouped photos I search out and fall in love with each day make this undertaking easy. Lastly, thanks to the die-hards of the Flickr community who have joined and continually submit wonderful photos to the MinnPics group. Tell your camera-toting friends and nudge them towards the MinnPics group. Without the countless photos being taken and shared daily, this blog wouldn't exist and what began as an experiment has held on and flourished for over two years. In the online world, that's decades. Keep capturing those photos that define Minnesota and keep me busy sifting through thousands of photos daily.

2011 is gonna be awesome!