Porky's Last Night

| Monday, April 4, 2011

from flickr user John Pihaly
Hundreds of spectators line up to to get one last meal and watch car after car pay tribute to this St. Paul icon.

From KSTP: After 58 years on University Ave. in St. Paul, Porky's is closing its doors for good Sunday.

There was a long line of patrons outside the restaurant all day, waiting to get their hands on one of the last Twin burgers served, or to taste what some have called the best onion rings in town. Porky's has become a haven for antique car enthusiasts.

Owner Tryg Truelson expected the crowds and called the chef from his other restaurant to come help. Truelson is selling the restaurant to its neighbor, Episcopal Homes because of a drop in customers and 20-percent losses in revenue over the last three years. He say the lightrail construction on University Avenue was the nail in the coffin for Porky's.


Reuben said...

I've eaten there a dozen times over the course of the 5 years I've lived in MN. Each time I've been a little bit disappointed by the food. I always wanted Porky's to be my favorite Burger Joint, but it was never able to impress me.

Plus, you can't really love that place unless you worship cars, and since I have a general dislike for cars, It was probably never a good fit to begin with.

Still, I'll miss the iconic signage. I hope that's at least preserved somehow.