U2: The Calm Before the Storm

| Monday, July 25, 2011

from flickr user Brendan Meier
The photographer says: I was lucky enough to have gone to the U2 360° Tour as it stopped in Minneapolis on Saturday night. I'll just start out by saying that it was definitely one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. It's a show that I would jump at the chance to see again if the tour weren't coming to a close in less than a week.

The title here I use both literally and figuratively. Having arrived at the stadium shortly after 6, we were there nearly three hours before U2 took the stage. This was taken before Interpol, the opening band, took the stage. On the literal side of the title, mother nature attempted to not be outdone during a majority of the 2+ hours that U2 was playing. It was a spectacle of rock concert, lightning, and pouring rain. Something I will not forget anytime soon.