Motel 7 - Fergus Falls, MN

| Thursday, December 8, 2011

Motel 7 - Fergus Falls, MN
from flickr user Tricia V
This photo of a roadside motel named Motel 7 caught my eye not only because it was shot on film via a disposable camera but because of the emotion it portrays. Its graininess gives the feeling of Motel 7 (located in Fergus Falls and boasting 17 guest rooms) being in a gritty setting. Having never been to Fergus Falls (but having been tied to a company located there) I am fairly certain that there aren't many overly gritty areas in the small northwestern Minnesota city but this roadside motel in Fergus Falls would have likely been a welcome sight for weary travelers a few decades ago before the expansion of the AmericInns and Days Inns of the world.