Walnut Grove, MN

| Monday, January 9, 2012

Walnut Grove Auto Repair, Walnut Grove, MN
from flickr user RyanShoots
Walnut Grove, MN, one of the communities used in the Little House on the Prairie series (both in books and on TV) has seen better days. This small, dilapidated building is a reminder that our nation's rural communities are full of history that is worth discovering and photographing. And while you're out exploring, stop in at one of the small-town stores or restaurants. They'll appreciate your business!


Anonymous said...

Cool photo, but it's not accurate to imply that the entire community is as run-down as this one building "Walnut Grove ... has seen better days." There are plenty of businesses on the same street as this building which are in good shape and more accurately depict Walnut Grove. It is certainly not a ghost town!