Best Girl Friend....EVER

| Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best Girl Friend....EVER from flickr user BlueAndYellow6366
The photographer says: After an amazing Prom and all nighter that followed the dance, my lovely girl friend Dani still didn't mind going train stalking early in the AM. I went north knowing I was going to pass #580 somewhere up the line since ATCS showed them going into C.P. Goodview. At Minnesota City West they roared by eastbound so I flipped around and was hot in pursuit. I'm sure my girl friend was confused why I was grinning ear to ear over some ratty looking engines, but I quickly explained to her the significance behind the tattered coat of paint and she seemed to understand. I've felt for awhile that she was easily the best girl friend ever, but this definitely earned her a few more bonus points to prove so.