Thanksgiving Weekend Food in Minnesota

| Friday, November 23, 2012

A large number of photos taken in the past couple days and shared to Flickr have featured food. So, without further ado, let's see what various Minnesotans have eaten recently...

Bison Burger
Bill Roehl avoided the Black Friday crowds (as I assumed he would) and tracked a tasty Bison Burger in Cannon Falls, MN that was well worth the drive.

BIg Green Egg Thanksgiving dinner
Flickr user Dapper Lad Cycles broke out some whiskey and the Big Green Egg to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. I am oh-so-curious about what's inside the amazing grill.

roasted turkey
If ever a cooked turkey looked sexy, this golden-skinned treat fits the bill. When it comes to turkey, presentation counts almost as much as the taste. This answers the earlier question of what was inside Dapper Lad Cycles' Big Green Egg.

venison meatballs
Finally, Flickr user finlander13 baked up some amazingly tasty-looking Venison Meatballs for an after-Thanksgiving treat. Now it's back to my lackluster ham sandwich for my late lunch.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Minnesotans!

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