12 Days of MinnPics - May 2012

| Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cottage View Drive-In Movie Theater - Cottage Grove, MN
from flickr user ebbs2
Taken May 26, 2012, this photo of the Cottage View Drive-In from behind the giant outdoor screen shows a scene from the southeast metro theater's final season before being leveled in favor of yet another Walmart. My generation (late Gen-X/early Gen-Y) is the last to have seen these theaters still functioning and remember a sort of rebirth of these iconic roadside landmarks which once seemed to be in nearly every sizable city. I particularly love how well the photographer captured the beam of light from the projector. It has a very X-Files sort of feel to it that just works for me. This was an easy choice for the best photo of Minnesota for May 2012.

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