Watergate Caves - St. Paul

| Monday, March 18, 2013

Watergate Caves - St. Paul
from flickr user Eric Fryc
The photographer says: Last night, I got the chance to visit these caves (mines, more accurately) for the third time, and I finally brought a camera with me. I was tripping real bad over it, because the entrance is kinda gnarly, through a manhole, frozen underground drainage tunnel, musty sandstone caves themselves, etc. But I manned up and threw the camera in a gallon ziploc going in and out, and fortunately, it made it.

These caves are a trip. The people down here are always awesome, and super knowledgeable about the history of these caves. But, the only way to get good info is early in the night, because everyone's minds are gone by about midnight from one substance or another.

I was real drunk taking these photos.

This is only one little area of the caves. They go on forever. There's an abandoned haunted house down there (Tunnel of Terror), but it hasn't been used since 2004, 2005, something like that, because they couldn't create a secondary exit in the event of an emergency. So, they sealed the entrances off, and some people found their way in through the sewers. So tight.

Give these caves a shot. You'll get real dirty, but it's worth it.

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Brendon Maness said...

The cave was closed about 1998. There was an extra exit built, but there was two cave-ins so they closed it up. These places are being taken away from us so Please stop vandalizing it so we can enjoy it. "Joy Of The Mundane", "We're Urban Explorers Not Terrorists". See ya Urban Jungle Dwellers.