Let's Go Camping - Mankato photographer's springtime dream

| Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lets Go Campingfrom flickr user jberg182
The photographer says: While i'm writing this I'm receiving phone notifications about the soon to be winter nightmare that once again will buzzkill spring for us Minnesotans. After a solid couple weeks of thawing temps I felt like shootin' something like this. I shot everyone in my living room and actually fractured my foot shooting the car (Had a $6 piece of foam core attached to a stand that was about to blow over, as I went to grab it I rolled my ankle and foot and heard a super loud snap) limpin' ever since, The background is a mess of outdoor local spots. Everyone around the fire was lit with a LP160 with a full cto fire direction. LP160 in gridded easybox right high for a moon light and another lp160 shoot thru umbrella for fill on the opposite side of the fire slighty off axis. The car was lit naturally except my neighbors in the townhome next door were ordering a pizza so their outside lights were on. So I parked my car sideways in the driveway and the orange glow on the rear panel is from that. Cooler guy and out house gal are lit the same minus the cto.. triggered with radio poppers

My take: Wow, to know that this is a composite work is amazing. Reading, in detail, about the work that went in to creating this photo illustration (?) is truly cool and knowing that the photographer is from the Mankato, MN should be a wake-up call to all Minnesotans that often times the most talented artists aren't in the large metro areas. I'll definitely be checking out more pf this photographer's work.

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