Retired Massey Ferguson 510 Combine

| Monday, November 11, 2013

Retired Combine
from flickr user novice09
Just sitting there on a hillside meadow with nothing to do during this busy harvest season. If combines could have feelings, this one is probably sad. The funny thing is, as I perused today's photo offerings, this one stood out because the first combine my parents owned after moving to far southern Minnesota was a Massey Ferguson 510. I spent endless hours riding in the cab -- either sitting on the small square heater as a sort of stool in the corner of the cab or sitting/sleeping on the area above/behind the seat. My dad both loved and hated that combine. He loved it because it symbolized them striking out on their own and owning a full line of farm equipment as they moved away from the familiar safety net of longtime friends and family to farm my mom's family farm (5th generation). He hated it because it was a stubborn machine. It broke down frequently. It underperformed and was barely capable of handling the number of acres they farmed. That combine got the job done but just barely and not without a great deal of frustration as the clutch went out at inopportune times, it plugged up with soybean straw at the mere sight of something green or a hint of moisture. It seemed like such a large and capable machine to me in my younger days but once it was replaced I took over a share of harvesting duties with the new, larger and more reliable International 1440 combine. I sometimes wonder what became of the Massey Ferguson 510 combine which was traded off to a dealer in north-central Iowa.

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