MinnPics is becoming FarmPics

| Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Times change. Interests change. Demographics change. Thankfully, though, this website has never been about demographics but it is based on my interests. Over the coming days this website will be undergoing a transformation. The archives I have built up since the inception of MinnPics will remain but moving forward the focus will be the world of farming and photography based on that subject.

I am currently working on new graphics for the website and am working on forwarding this to its new domain. Don't worry about bookmarks, I plan on keeping the domain for the foreseeable future.

I will keep folks updated on the changes but sit back and keep enjoying this ongoing project. I'd love for this to go for another five years!

UPDATE: The name depicted in the graphics (FarmPics) may not stick around but the more rural overall direction of MinnPics likely will. Minnesota is what I know and my focus has generally been content featuring all that Minnesota has to offer. This new direction is a breath of fresh air to a website which is approaching its sixth birthday - in internet years that's many lifetimes. Considering that last week I was about to discontinue updating this site and let it silently die, I am optimistic that it can now live on for a while longer. And no, this is strangely not an April Fools joke.