Stormy Night - Luverne, MN

| Monday, June 23, 2014

lightning over train in Luverne, MN
from flickr user dkwarc1751
The photographer says: This shot was taken on our drive west. We stopped in Luverne, MN to get lightening shots after a major storm had passed to the south. After shooting for a while, we decided to get going; the only problem, Interstate 90 was now closed westbound due to flooding. We tried taking the back roads but found a creek had swollen over the back roads as well preventing us from going further. Determining we weren't going to make it to Sioux Falls, we decided to hunker down at Laverne and head west the next day. The only problem, the five hotels in town were now full. Not having a place to stay, we had to back track 30 miles to Worthington, MN to get a hotel. Quite the start to our trip, and this was after having to stop in Alden, MN to wait out the initial storm for 45 mins that flipped four semi trailers along the interstate.

The good news was we were happy with the shots we did get. We just didn't get many with all the railroads shut down from washouts. 

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