Best of MinnPics - September 2014

| Monday, December 22, 2014

Moonrise at the High Bridge; Arcola, MN
from flickr user Nick Benson
The Arcola High Bridge, or Soo Line High Bridge, was completed in 1911; the rail's nearly 200 feet above the water, and has total length of roughly 2,700 feet. Despite being an amazing structure, it isn't photographed too often by railfans on account of low train frequency (one train per day in each direction) and its isolated location.

 As the photographer mentioned in his more in-depth explanation of this photo, the 39 degree temperature in September made for a more hurried shoot than anticipated and with weather like that and an explanation of the location and circumstances surrounding the photograph, the moonlit photo of the Arcola High Bridge over the St. Croix River made September's choice one of the easier ones for 2014.

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